Are you planning to install lighting in your garden? As you ponder over this, remember that during the night, a little light can illuminate a vast area. In your design, you need to use lighting selectively since darkness can also offer a remarkable effect. You need to settle on the areas you want to light, how you will do it, and then lay your focus on these areas.

Remember, you can make your garden look startling by installing the ideal lights. Consider the following these top garden lighting tips as you embark on the exercise.

Seal Electrical Connections

Electrical connections in the garden must be properly sealed to keep off any moisture. Make sure the connections are fully waterproof. There is no point in installing powerful exterior lights that will be ruined by poor connections. Since installing garden lighting is a worthy investment, you need to safeguard the investment by sealing all electrical connections.

Adhere to the Manufacturer’s Instructions

As you set up the garden lighting, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s specifications. Consider the maximum wattage bulb to use in the fixtures. It’s interesting to know that smaller bulbs produce fabulous results and offer enough light. Use LED garden lights for this exercise since they are efficient and produce adequate light.


As you know, natural light emanates from above. When installing your lights be they electric, or solar garden lights, they should have the same orientation— from above. And remember the higher the lights, the better the effect.

View the Lights from Your House

Exterior lights are best viewed from inside the house. From this location, you can clearly see any adjustments you need to make on the garden lights.

Consider using Efficient Solar Lights

Going green is the trend nowadays, especially on installing outdoor solar lights. Due to modern lighting technologies, the market today has lots of solar powered garden lights. LED solar garden lights are energy-efficient and need less power. Make sure you install the lights on open grounds where they are in direct contact with the sun.

Color Matching

Ensure all your light sources match in color. As you select the bulbs, make sure they fall in the same category. For example, warm white can have varying strengths depending on the manufacturer. The lights should bring out the ideal color of the foliage.

Use several Smaller Lights in the Flower Garden

Rather than installing a single large light in the planting area or the flower bed, use several smaller lights ion these areas to bring out a fantastic effect. These smaller lights will produce overlapping pools of light that will make the garden look more beautiful.

Illuminate the Stairs and Walkways

Since the ground in the garden may not be even, you must take care of lighting in these areas to prevent accidents. Install lights that are specifically designed for these regions such as the Duracell LED Stair Lights. These solar lights enable you to see the walkway and stairs during the night and avoid any accidents.

These garden tips are an excellent way to make your garden glowing and a lovely place where your family and friends will learn to relax at night and in the evenings.