Cardarine is a SARM that has been shrouded in mystery. IIn fact, there have been a lot of controversies that surround the use of this drug. Some studies have labeled it to be a carcinogen, whereas others have touted it to cure cancer. You can purchase this product as an investigational research drug. These are some of the uses of Cardarine.

Fat Loss

Cardarine has been found to utilize the stored fats in the body has energy. In fact, it has two-prolonged effects. It can help increase your metabolism and help you burn more clogging fats. Also, it will provide you with a lot of energy. Therefore, you can think of this supplement as a stimulant loaded with efficient fat burners.


Cardarine has been found to kick in within a few days of its cycle. You will be surprised to learn that its results are almost magical. You can easily exercise in the gym without being fatigued. Others have said that they feel lighter when they use this product. That explains why some athletes have been found to have used this product. Runners, sprinters, cyclists, and any person in competitive sports can have a competitive advantage by using this supplement. For instance, some bodybuilders like stacking it with some SARMs.

Muscle Retention

Although it can help you to burn excess fat, you can also use it to retain muscle. That is akin to what the anabolic steroids do. You should think of applications of the drug in a hardcore cutting cycle.


Most athletes like using Cardarine because of its therapeutic benefits. One of the benefits is reduced inflammation and recovery from injury. This product also helps to reduce the inflammation in the brain cells and is likely to protect it from causing damage because of oxidative stress.


When you use Cardarine, you can help increase HDL levels while lowering your LDL levels. You should think of this product as a cholesterol drug that has many other benefits.

Liver Damage

The other reason to consider adding Cardarine to your steroid stack, particularly when using orals, is that it helps reduce inflammation in your liver. It also prevents insulin resistance and helps protect the body from steroid-induced damage. The truth is that there is a lot of biased information out there about this drug. What we know is that the clinical trials are not yet over, and many athletes are using it.