a modern commercial building
When you rent a commercial building, there are legal duties that you must be concerned with. Otherwise, you may face costly lawsuits and losses. It is a rule of thumb that your business premise must be safe enough for your employees, visitors, and others nearby. If you are the tenant, the liability for building safety can be either yours or belong to the owner. For instance, if your property is in Dallas, start looking by searching Dallas Fire Watch Services on the Internet to learn about the fire watch services in the area. Pick one that is NFPA and OSHA compliant.  This depends on the law and the terms of the lease, though. In fact, in most cases, you will be held partially responsible as well. Therefore, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you must understand the respective responsibilities of conducting business in a commercial building. 

Fire Safety

firefighters at workFire in commercial buildings happened more frequently than you think. According to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), cooking equipment was responsible for 29% of fires in office properties. Compared to other causes like heating equipment, electrical equipment, smoking materials, and intentional motives, cooking equipment was the first on the list. And you can't rely on your fire alarm only because the fire may not be started from your place but your neighbor's. In that case, you will require a fire watch service to provide maximum protection to your business premise.

Electrical Safety

electricity auditElectrical safety often does not require formal certification as the law mandates it to the building's developer. However, wiring failures can happen anytime. For example, able coatings do not last forever. You've got to check them at least once every five years. As maintenance, repair, and replacement take place, improper installation may also occur. You should not gamble your luck by not checking how safe your electrical system is, especially if you are a tenant who has just moved to a new premise. Hiring a professional electrician to carry out a full inspection is a must. 

Structure and Fixture Integrity

Many people usually neglect this aspect, although it is actually vital for your business. No matter how well-equipped your fire protection system is, if the building does not comply with the standard fire-proof materials, you will always be in danger of structural collapse. Therefore, you should always review the building status thoroughly.  As for the fixtures, don't leave any chances for them to hurt you, your employees, or customers. You should check if all the hanging ornaments and mounted cabinets are properly fixed in their places. Don't risk it by hiring a non-professional fixer.