Nicotine uptake has evolved over the centuries. First, there was direct chewing of tobacco. Snuff – tobacco in powder - also became a method of tobacco intake and then came the cigarettes. While the sniffing and the chewing methods are often considered safer compared to smoking, there are not the most preferable. Note that with snuff, you will have to blow your nose a lot. Change handkerchiefs frequently and excuse yourself to take the pinch the powder whenever the urge strikes, yet you feel like snuffing isn’t a lady-like or a gentleman thing to do in public. This leaves you with one option – best e juice.  

The Rise and Rise of E-Juice

E-juice - as the name suggests – is a modern way of taking tobacco. Research shows that other than being a good way to wean off cigarette smoking, it’s also trendy and stylish. Never before has nicotine been served in so many flavors. This, in addition to the fact you get to choose the amount of nicotine you consume at any given time. The joy of e-vaping is epitomized by fresh breath. You don’t have to worry about poking holes into your best of cloths from hot ash. The fumes that make it difficult for you to smoke in public also become a thing of the past when you switch to e-liquid. However, to enjoy the best of this product, you have to know how to get the best e juice in the market.  

vapeIt’s All About the Flavor

What you like in the world of candy bars, flowers, or aromatic foods can as well be found in the world cig liquid. Pick your flavor in line with the amount of nicotine concentration, color, or aroma. Your choice can also be influenced by the amount of a vapor a specific brand produces. Cake, wafer, and pizza are among the most proffered blends. However, the choice doesn’t stop there. Fruity flavors such as watermelon, mango, and grapes are also available. And if you live on the wild side of life, there is nothing wrong with going for everything on the shelves. This means that you can opt for a cocktail blend – a mix of flavors with a tinge of your favorite beer, wine, or whiskey.  

Understand the Basics

You don’t want to spend money on the best e juice to find that it’s not top of the range. Like in anything else, best is relative in this regard. Consider the dosage. Low dosage e juice contains about 6mg of nicotine as the medium-range stand between 9 and 16mg. On the higher side, you find 18 to 38mg. The low dosage category is meant for occasional e-liquid users. These users might find the medium and the high-end dosages cumbersome in various ways. You don’t, for example, want to walk into a party in your worst behavior just because you took an e-vapor dosage that your system can’t handle. In conclusion, understand the significance of Propylene Glycol (PG and Vegetable Glycerol, abbreviated as VG. PG and VG form the ratio of the flavors blended within a specific e-liquid. Therefore, to get the best e juice, talk to a vendor who can categorize your taste and preferences just by asking you a few simple questions.